PodTea’d 015 – The One Where We Sold Out

Heya. I don’t remember much about what we spoke about this time, but I know that for some reason I said that I’d steal Brad Nicholson’s shoes. Honestly… Don’t remember. For the professional reboot of the show, it sure went well. Matt forgot to use the new theme song, I forgot to upload the episode, I don’t remember what we were talking about, and Jay had all manner of connection issues.

BUT HEY WE HAVE NEW ART AND SPONSORS NOW I GUESS! Click them, if you want. You can get a free trial at Audible or a website at Godaddy, and if you go via our links, all of the Shattered podcasts get a cut! (and in the case of Audible, all you need is the free trial. And since it’s an Amazon service, it already knows your card details – because of course it does).


I also fully apologize for the image this week. I made it years ago when I was bored. It was literally the only thing that fit the bill. Please note that Kotick is not called Stan, a friend of Pedobear, or physically raining in money like Scrooge McDuck with a powerful new desk fan. Also, not actually satan.

Your host this week was Jay Solomon with Sam Morris, Adam Owen, Uncle Fuckaction and Tobiichi Karlsson. Edited by Matt Turner, album art by Adam Owen. The break song this week was “Who Will Cut My Hair” by Jim Sterling and Everett Fortner.