Monthly Archives: January 2014

PodTea’d 022 – I’m Sad Now.

Whackity-shmackity-doooo. The dark forces of Cirmania are vast and un-resting. Only a slightly depressing, offensive and shameful podcast team can defeat this powerful foe.


PodTea’d was brought to you by Tobiichi Karlsson with Sam Morris, Vid Cirman, Matty Shoestring, Adam Owen, Matt Turner and Tommy Chodakowski. Edited by Matt Turner, album art by Adam Owen.

PodTea’d 021 – Adam Owen Likes To Watch

Heyheyhey! It’s the Papers Please edition in which we all have to cross the border to Viddigovinia with hilarious consequences. Sam flaked out and had to go do something else or some shit, so he isn’t here. Everyone else got caught by the border patrols and executed.


People were on. I wasn’t there. I can’t be arsed to check. SO THERE.

PodTea’d 020 – Sealed Shut For All Intruders

I don’t fucking remember what happened this week. And by this week, I obviously mean two weeks ago. Duh. Yep, this was recorded before Christmas, so you lot enjoy this last PodTea’d of 2013 (released in 2014 but don’t tell anyone I don’t think they noticed)


Your host this week was… I don’t fucking remember. Jay wasn’t on, that’s all I know. I think I hosted. I think Matty, Vid and potentially Tommy, Tobiichi and Adam. I could listen to the episode and find out. But I won’t. So there.

Our intro song is ‘Black and White’ by ‘Custom Phase’. The album art is by Adam Owen, and the audio is edited and produced by Matt Turner.