Monthly Archives: September 2013

PodTea’d 009: Angry Bald Man and Awkward Silence

Ey’up! For the second week in a row, PodTea’d is back and ready to lick your ears with it’s superb entertainment value and production quality. Haha, only kidding, it’s just a bunch of people on a Skype call.

Tobiichi Karlsson joins us again for a rip-roarin’ rootin’ tootin’ good time. We discuss the recent Steam announcements, and a bunch of other things I forgot because my brain is frazzled. Oh, and for once we don’t mention Portal 2! Much!

Your host this week was Matt with Jay, Adam, Andrea and Sam. Edited by Matt, album art by Adam.

PodTea’d 008: Johnny Depp’s Stupid Fucking Hat

That. Fucking. Hat. PodTea’d is back after a 1 month recording hiatus! Join us on this bumper edition where we discuss the PS Vita TV, the death of Ouya, and the future of games consoles.

Special guest Tobiichi Karlsson joins us too, and for once Sam doesn’t bring up his mild disdain for Portal 2. We also get a pair of movie pitches – aren’t you lucky?

Your host this week was Jay, with Adam, Matt, Vid, Andrea and Sam. Edited by Matt, album art by Adam.