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PodTea’d 004: Adam Owen Has The Biggest E-Peen

Welcome, welcome faithful listener to The Shat- Oh, um… that’s not right. Welcome to PodTea’d! No Jay this week, as he had to state his case in front of the Time Lord council to argue his innocence over that time he stole a TARDIS. Don’t worry, he’ll be done by next week (our time anyway, he could have aged thousands of years for all we know).

This week Vid takes up the hosting duties and the guys discuss the recent happenings at E3 in a disjointed and messy manner, as well as a healthy dose of Animal Crossing and the usual mention of Oddworld. Oh, and Adam has a massive Steam library. It glistens in the sunlight.

Oh, and sorry it took so long to get this out. It was recorded on Monday, but everyone involved has been hideously busy this week. I promise we’ll be doing something about the schedule soon. Honest.


Your host this week was Vid Cirman with Jesse James, Adam Owen and Sam Morris. Edited by the wonderful Matt Turner, album art by the massively e-endowed Adam Owen.

PodTea’d 003 – Princess Peach Giving Birth To A Spiky Egg

Hey, ho, lets go. Its E3 week, so why not take a break from the constant news and listen to a podcast recorded before E3, making it hilariously out of date? PodTea’d has got you covered!

This week we ruin your fun by talking about pictures that we won’t link to, deadly slides, the British arcade scene and E3 predictions. We also take the piss out of American pronunciation for quite some time. “Al-oo-min-uhm”. Just wrong.

Your cast this week:
Jay Solomon, Elliot Cross, Adam Owen, Matt Turner, Louie Falls (for a bit) and Sam Morris. Edited by resident audio-guru Matt Turner, album art by the drawy-man Adam Owen.

“Sorry if I seem off this week. I’ve had a very bad time of it recently, and I’m just coming out of the side of a mountain of work. We’ll be on form, and have a proper schedule, within the next few weeks.” -Sam

PodTea’d 002 – A Rag Tag Band Of Nazis

Evenin’ guvnor! Sorry for the delay on posting this episode, but it was a bit more gappy than usual so took Matt a bit longer to edit, as well as the time it took to find a new name and for Adam to draw the logos. But hey, its all up now and its free and there isn’t any form of advertising whatsoever so… deal with it.

This week we discussed Nazis a whole lot, Sam talked about why he doesn’t like Portal 2 that much, Shoestring has a moral dilemma and we discuss the new movie to grace Danny Dyer’s repertoire. Standard fare for something created by us sort of people.

Your cast this week:
Jay Solomon, Jesse James, Adam Owen, Mattias Shoestring, Vid Cirman and Sam Morris. Edited by resident audio-guru Matt Turner, album art by the drawy-man Adam Owen.

PodTea’d 001 – Teenage Pokemon Fucking


EDIT: Due to a request from members of the original BritToid crew, we’ve had to rename the show. The new title will be revealed with Episode 2 of The Currently Untitled Shatteredcast. Feed URLs will stay the same until we’ve got our new branding all straightened out and ready to roll.

Meanwhile, why not check out the original BritToid over at The Podtoid Archives?


Across the rolling greens of fair England, a new podcasting team lays their swords at your feet. This is New BritToid, recorded in the hallowed walls of the once great Podcastle.

This week, the crew discusses Pokemon and their suggestive attack names, why the Xbox One is a lump of crap, and two totally original segments: Games of the week, and Movie Ideas For Willem Dafoe. We’ll try to be more original next time, honest.