PodTea’d 001 – Teenage Pokemon Fucking


EDIT: Due to a request from members of the original BritToid crew, we’ve had to rename the show. The new title will be revealed with Episode 2 of The Currently Untitled Shatteredcast. Feed URLs will stay the same until we’ve got our new branding all straightened out and ready to roll.

Meanwhile, why not check out the original BritToid over at The Podtoid Archives?


Across the rolling greens of fair England, a new podcasting team lays their swords at your feet. This is New BritToid, recorded in the hallowed walls of the once great Podcastle.

This week, the crew discusses Pokemon and their suggestive attack names, why the Xbox One is a lump of crap, and two totally original segments: Games of the week, and Movie Ideas For Willem Dafoe. We’ll try to be more original next time, honest.