PodTea’d 016 – Moving Hoarded Jars Of Piss

Boop-a-shoop-a-doop. Honestly… I don’t remember what we talked about. But I hosted this week, because Jay was away being rich or something. I think we talked about videogames, NSync, neo-nazis (again), jars of pee and Monster energy. Yes, I did just skip through the MP3 file finding words AND I DON’T EVEN CARE.

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Your host this week was Sam Morris with Adam Owen, Matty Shoestring, Vid Cirman, Tomasz Chodakowski, Matt Turner, and Tobiichi Karlsson. Edited by Matt Turner, album art by Adam Owen. The break song this week was “Jonathan Holmes Kai” by Thomas Truong using clips from Podtoid Era 8.